We Repair Hydraulic Hoses in Little Bras d'Or

If you are looking for experts who provide custom fitting and repair of hydraulic hoses in Little Bras d'Or, Hatcher’s Truck & Trailer Repair is the company for you.

A hydraulic hose is designed to transfer hydraulic fluid to or between hydraulic components, tools, valves, and actuators. It is usually flexible and often reinforced, and constructed with other layers of reinforcement to withstand high-pressure operating conditions. Hoses typically carry fluids through the air or fluid environments. They are used with spigots, clamps, nozzles, and flanges to control the fluid flow. You can rely on Hatcher’s Truck & Trailer Repair for the following:

  • Custom-made hoses

  • On-site repairs and fitting

  • Hydraulic repairs

  • Welding/fabrication

Quality On-site Services

We provide 24/7 emergency services with on-site welding and hydraulic repairs. Our on-call welder will be available at all times to handle your hydraulic hose repair and fitting needs. Call us today to learn more about our services. You can conveniently book an appointment with just a phone call.

You can rest assured of the durability when you choose us because we never compromise on quality to save a few dollars. Parker hoses and fittings is our distributor for products (for automotive and body and assembly applications).

Hydraulic Hose Repairs

From custom-made hoses to on-site repairs and fitting, we can handle all your hydraulic system-related needs.


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